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Cryptoland is the world’s first private crypto island designed to enjoy a first-class crypto lifestyle.

An international hub to live, work and relax.
Designed as a complete ecosystem where the community can immerse themselves into a magical crypto-themed environment with plenty of activities and places like the Cryptobeach, the co-working hub, Cryptoland’s luxury resort, crypto inspired restaurants, shops and endless other amenities.


The Blockchain Hills

Cryptoland’s residential area is the most exclusive and private site within the island.

With stunning views all over Cryptoland from sunrise to sunset, the Blockchain Hills consists of only 60 plots of land available for those who want to own a piece of Cryptoland.

The plots are 1 acre each and come with basic infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water, sewage and optic fiber internet. They also come with development permits.

Imagine it

Feel it


Cryptoland will be located in Fiji for the following reasons:

  • Good weather year round
  • Safe and stable country
  • Foreigners can truly own land
  • Strategic location between America and Asia


Cryptolanders collection is made of 10k NFTs.

They all have exclusive access to the Vladimir Club, the hottest private club in Cryptoland, along with more amazing benefits.

From the collection, 60 ultra rare ones are the “King Cryptolanders” each one of them comes attached to a real plot of land on the Blockchain Hills.



We’ve been tirelessly working on Cryptoland for over two years, and have developed a highly mature design, all self-funded by the founders, which will result in enormous time-saving in the future.

Our master plan has gotten the “approval in principle” by the Fiji authorities, which is the most important permit required. Cryptoland’s development has been estimated to take around 30 months.


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