Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptolanders is a collection of 10k NFTs that are being distributed for free to the community as a way to reward early supporters.

Cryptolanders NFTs come with a list of benefits to its owners that combine digital and physical.

  • Cryptolanders DAO. You will be part of the DAO and you will have voting power to do things such as deciding what to build in the Cryptolanders plot of land as well as in the metaverse.
  • Staking. Implement a staking system to generate passive income to its holders. This has always been in the roadmap and we will integrate it at some point.
  • Parcel giveaway. All NFT holders are eligible to win a full plot of land worth around a million dollars. This will be done after the island purchase.

The list of privileges that Cryptolander NFTs give to its holders will continue to increase as Cryptoland grows.

You can get a Cryptolander NFT by doing the Coin Program, where you can earn coins for doing things such as supporting Cryptoland on social media, and then use this coins to mint for free.

Cryptoland will be located in Fiji for the following reasons:

  • Good weather.
  • Safe and stable country.
  • Foreigners can truly own land.
  • Strategic location between North America and Asia.

If for any reason we need to change location, we have a list of island with similar characteristics.

The full roadmap can be seen here on the homepage slider, but in summary, this is the roadmap:

  • Complete the free NFT distribution.
  • Get funding, and buying the island.
  • Build Cryptoland.

This whole process is expected to take 2 years in total, and then Cryptoland could open its doors.