Crypto Culture in Cryptoland, Significance of Honey Badger

This series of videos will help you understand the jokes contained in Cryptoland’s 3D animation video.

In this first episode we talk about Cryptoland’s earlier extended version, we explain the Crypto Kitties reference, the Vladimir Club, the special voice-over appearance, the consensus blockchain conference reference, the bitcoin maximalism term coined by eth founder Vitalik Buterin, the holders of last resort term popularised by Trace Mayer, the HODL bitcoin forum origins, and the honey badger bitcoin symbol.

NFT Cryptolanders are a collection inspired by Connie, the magic coin in the video, and the rich history of cryptography. Drop in the comments of your favorite references because we airdrop some cryptolanders NFT to our most engaged community members every week.

00:02 How much do you know about crypto cultures?
00:06 Cryptoland 3D animations
00:25 How Cryptoland 3D animation video was mainly made for a crypto
01:51 What are the crypto kitties?
03:23 Popular blockchain event
04:20 What are the crypto holders?
05:46 The honey badger of money

Stay tuned for more insightful videos about this project!