Cryptobeach for Cryptolanders NFT, Crypto History Scams

Understand the top scams and some interesting facts about crypto in episode 4!

The video contains references to a number of famous memes, which causes some satirical or comical moments. Using these videos, you will be able to understand the jokes and references in Cryptoland’s 3D animation video.

We discuss the Cryptobeach, the Mt. Gox story, the QuadrigaCX drama, the Proof of Work gym, the Blockchainstein car track, the Bull Run attraction, the dollar milkshake theory, and the bitconnect scam memorial in this fourth episode. As a result of watching this video, you will have a better🌟 understanding of the biggest scams ever and the bitconnect memorial. As you can see in the video, Cryptolanders NFT was inspired by Connie, the magic coin, and a rich crypto history.

00:00 Welcome to episode 4
00:17 Deep dive scenes for seeing underwater decorations
00:23 Mount Gox Reference
00:32 Quadriga Exchange Reference
01:33 Blockchain Stein
01:52 Bull run representations
02:54 Biggest Crypto Scam
03:39 What is the bit connect memorial?
04:44 Mother of all scams

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