Cryptoland 3D Animation, Crypto Kitties, Documentary Style

Discover the hidden meaning behind Cryptoland’s 3D animation video in episode 5!

Crypto island contains references to many famous memes, which is why it sometimes has a satirical or comical tone. The following videos will help you understand the jokes and underlining references in Cryptoland’s 3D animation video󰞵. During this fifth episode, we discuss the seagull bird scene, how he steals Bianca’s wallet, the Crypto Kitties’ final scene, and a “documentary style” ending explaining how the animation was made.

Cryptolanders NFT is a collection inspired by Connie, the magic coin in the video, and the rich history of cryptocurrencies. What’s better than an airdropped free collection?

00:00 The Last episode reviewing
00:28 Bitcoin is dead
00:49 Future of bitcoins
01:01 What makes crypto kitties fall in love with each clothing?
01:22 Coin market cap scene and hotel room arrival
01:44 3D artist that worked with Pixar and Disney

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