Cryptoland Community A Crypto Revolution, NFT Collection

With Cryptoland, you can enjoy a top-class crypto lifestyle and have fun with the crypto community in the crypto revolution. A crypto enthusiast can experience a private island with a complete ecosystem that represents the blossoming crypto market. In this video, you will explore the different attractions and working areas of Cryptoland. It has every facility to make your stay enjoyable, from clubs to gaming sections. Cryptoland community is the place for like-minded individuals to come together and meet people around the world who love cryptocurrency. In this video, you will learn about Christopher; the king of crypto land.

The demo video will also give you a glimpse of every place and give you a chance to take a ride through the place. By the middle of the video, you will understand the whole concept󰞵 and how Christopher came up with the idea to create an island for crypto lovers. Cryptoland has its own NFT collection, called Cryptolanders, which is being distributed for free. We are airdropping them slowly to our community.

You will also discover how experts have worked on this project to make it successful. By the end of the video, you will know that it is an excellent place to host international community gatherings for traders.

0:00 What are Crypto Kitties?
1:47 Welcome to Cryptoland “The Hodlers of Last Resort”
3:05 The Lamborghini Ride
3:57 Cryptoland resort for living
4:32 What is the “Eos Hub” (co-working zone)?
5:16 What is the De-stress room (Pool of coins)?
6:31 Crypto Restaurant and the 10k Pizza
8:52 The mini-golf
9:10 The amazing crypto for dancing and singing?
12:42 Bitconnect Memorial (Scam Pyramid, Carlos Matos)
14:18 Final Scene (Bitcoin is dead)

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