Cryptoland Community Destination, What Are Crypto Kitties

The video was inspired by some of the most iconic crypto memes and OG crypto culture. This is why the video is full of crypto jargon that only those who have been long enough in the space will get!

Cryptoland is the world’s first crypto island project. This 3D animation narrates a fictional story of a crypto degen who arrives on this unique crypto island where Connie, the coin-shaped soul of
Cryptoland, welcomes him and tours him around. A free NFT collection called Cryptolanders , also based on historical crypto references, was airdropped for free by the Cryptoland community󰞵.

In this video, you will learn about Christopher; the king of crypto land. You will also get a demo ride to the place through animation and you can explore every place and everything like the crypto kitty in a demo video.

0:00 – Intro.
0:30 – The crypto island – Meeting Connie.
1:26 – Cryptoland reception – “Not your keys, not your coins”.
2:14 – The Lambo – “To the moon”.
2:20 – The Blockchain Hills – The Vladimir Club, for Cryptolander NFT
2:59 – The Hub – “Pool of coins”.
3:57 – The crypto restaurant – “The 10K pizza”.
4:57 – The walk of fame – Bitcoin bird.
5:23 – The crypto beach – Song.
7:45 – The Bitconnect memorial – Scam pyramid.
8:57 – The hero – Bianca and the Cryptokitties.

Stay tuned for more insightful videos about this project!