Significance of Dead Bear Rug, Learn OpenSea Blockchain

Cryptoland’s 3D animation video has a hidden meaning you’ll discover in episode 3!

Crypto island contains references to many famous memes, which is why it sometimes has comical or satirical vibes. With the help of these videos, you will be able to understand Cryptoland’s 3D animation video’s jokes and 󰞵references. The third episode covers the fake “Dead bear rug” (bull markets, bear markets), the Hub, the de-stress room (coins
vault), the crypto restaurant (with the 10k BTC pizza story), the rat poison moment (in reference to Warren Buffet), the fork scene (with Bianca), and the walk of fame. By the end of the video, you will discover, a crypto house that is designed as a block following the blockchain aesthetics minimalist and style for maximalists in mind.

00:00 Welcome to episode 3
00:18 Fake bear rug on the floor with ocean view
00:23 Meaning of bull and bear in trading
00:35 How does crypto homes are made?
00:54 Views to OpenSea; The Reasonable Revolutionary
01:08 Crypto conferences and meetups
01:28 Distress rooms
02:20 Eating menu and famous 10k pizza
03:26 What is rat poison?
03:48 The most famous forks and Ethereum
04:13 Satoshi Nakamoto

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