Cryptoland (Original video)

This 3D animation narrates an imaginary story of a crypto enthusiast who lands on this crypto island paradise where Connie, the coin-shaped soul and founder of Cryptoland, welcomes him and drives him across crypto land. To better make sense of the meaning behind all the references and hidden jokes, here is a video list:

0:00 – Cryptoland Helicopter scene
0:30 – The crypto island – Meeting Connie, Cryptoland’s founder (the mascot)
1:26 – Cryptoland resort – “Not your keys, not your coins”, Cryptopher arrival, hotel checkin, and toilet satire jokes.
2:14 – The Lamborghini – “To the moon… to the room” driving over the crypto island.
2:20 – The Blockchain Hills – The Vladimir Club, for Cryptolander NFT hodlers, the DAO. Events and parties zone.
2:59 – The Hub – “Pool of coins”, when Connie enters the de-stress room vault.
3:57 – The crypto restaurant – “The 10K pizza” rat poison, Chris falls in love with Bianca.
4:57 – The walk of fame – Bitcoin bird, “The flyign hacker”
5:23 – The crypto beach – Song parody, dance, musical comedy.
7:45 – The Bitconnect scam memorial – Ponzi scheme pyramid, with golden Carlos Matos
8:57 – The hero – Bianca and the Cryptokitties.

This video was inspired from some of the most famous crypto memes and inside cryptocurrency culture. The video contains crypto jargon that can only be understood by those who have spent enough time in the space!