What is Magic Coin, Connie Coin, Role of 3D Animation

Discover the hidden meaning behind Cryptoland’s 3D animation video in episode 2!

This crypto island video contains references to many famous memes, which is why it has some comical or satirical vibes at different points. This series of videos will help you understand the jokes
contained in Cryptoland’s 3D animation video. In this second episode, we talk about Cryptoland’s “Not your keys, not your coins” scene, the Shitcoin toilet meaning, the Lamborghini reference, the
Vladimir Club, and the Blockchain hills. In this video, you will learn about Christopher; the king of crypto land. You will also get a demo ride to the place through animation and you can explore every place and everything like the crypto kitty in a demo video.

00:00 Episode 2 reviewing
00:12 Meaning of green candles
01:01 Not your keys, not your bitcoins
01:29 What are shitcoins?
01:53 Why Lamborghinis are intrinsically linked to crypto space?
02:06 Favorite splurge of bitcoin millionaires
02:27 De facto supercars in the space
02:40 Vladimir Club cryptolanders

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